Monday, October 29, 2007

water color #2: demotion

I am saddened by the news that one of my pastor friend was removed from being a pastor. She is not really a close friend. I don't even see her that often. Maybe once every quarter. But i like her. She is kind. It was sad not because she was removed as a pastor of our church. It is because she was stripped off her identity as a pastor.

Is being a pastor only mandated by the local church?? Is it because the church that trained you, that assigned you doesn't want your service, they can just say that you are not a pastor anymore?? You are demoted.

Are the pastors ordained for the church or for the people?? Can someone be called as a pastor only if they are in the church??

I almost started the training or started to walk on the pathway of becoming a pastor. Being a pastor to my local church, but even if i am in the middle of it, i will stop. I will definitely stop before they do the same thing to me.

Or perhaps, this is one way of God telling me i am not called to be one of them. To be a pastor.

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