Tuesday, August 21, 2007

wrong way, gelato and God

Many times in our lives, we made a wrong turn. At the moment, it's like having the best tasting ice cream that we can get. And suddenly you realized that you've made a wrong move. You turned the wheel around and luckily for us God is always God.

Whatever we do in life, we sometimes fall, we sometimes do the wrong thing, we most of the times sin and turn against God. But God is always the same God that loves us. We can always go back to Him and ask for forgiveness. We can always call Him our father in heaven. And He will always have a loving arms ready to accept us and love us.

Are you in the wrong road right now? a wrong way? There is hope of turning back to God. He is just waiting for you to come to Him.

"Thank you Lord God for being with us always."

We went yesterday at La Casa Gelato, they serve 218 flavors at any given time. They already have 508+ flavors in their menu. Got the image from their site.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Is it the same as pastoring? or evangelism? Can we preach outside the church building? Is there any measure of training that we need in order to preach? Did Moses undergo church training in order to preach the good news to the Israelites? Did Peter stop catching fish in order to attend some presentation on how to preach the gospel?

Church system affected the way we think. It polluted the way we see how the apostles preach the good news. They impose too much rules and guidelines that they neglected that preaching is a calling from God. I believe that preaching comes from the heart. Nobody can decide for ourselves if we want to preach or not.

As nakedpastor told me some time ago, we need to abide by the system that we personally oppose. In order to preach within the church, we need to follow some rules.

But never let anything or anyone or any system leads you away from what God has called you to do. And i speak for myself.

"Heavenly father, let me see what you have called me to do."

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What God counts?

We live in a sinful world. Most often we see people when they do something wrong. We judge them according to the skin-deep perception of our minds. We notice every inch of their insufficiency. We argue about their shortcomings. But are they the only one that sins? How about us? Are we so righteous that we judge them? It is clearly written that "all have sin and fall short to the glory of God".

Who gave us the authority to condemn others of what they are doing or what they have done? It is the very sinful nature of ourself. The very self-centered "me" that ignores how others want to get back on track. We are the one counting other's fall and we try to avoid looking when they are trying to stand on their feet. And we are professing that we want to be Christ-like. If we want to be Christ-like in our daily walk with Him, let us count the number of times our brethren wants to stand up.

“We count not the number of times we fall,
but the number of times we stand up.
It is all that matters,
the not giving up.”

Heavenly father, allow me to love more.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How to talk to God?

I've learned to talk to God the way i never thought i can. It is natural for us to approached Him as someone who is in authority. We pay respect not because we love Him but because we want something from Him. We look to Him as a father that if we behave and do something good, He will bless us financially. We look at God as a vendo machine, if we put something(money) in we can get anything we want. If we want bigger things, we have to put more money into the vendo slot. We join ministry works, we preach, we practice at the music, we teach at sunday school and we want to do more for the church, expecting that God will bless us because we are doing so many things in His so called church. But does God really works that way? Did we create God as someone that we can use to satisfy us of anything.

We utter so many words in our prayer to make sure that God will understand us? Come on...God is God. We don't even have to say a word, He already knows what is in our hearts. Can we just say thanks to Him? We pray so loud that even people outside the buildings can hear? Why? Is God deaf that He can't hear us?

Giving thanks to God is the highest form of worship.

Heavenly father, please forgive my blasphemy! And teach us thy ways.

Friday, August 3, 2007

holy discontent

I added a comment on naked pastor's post about a book on holy discontent, asking "how can we tell if our discontent is holy or not". He commented back that it is for me to search for it.

Discontent is another way of saying you want a goal, a vision. What if you don't have any? You don't see yourself looking at the future. Because deep within you, you are afraid of doing the same mistake that you've done in the past. You are afraid of the same circumstances happening in the future. You are afraid of having the same hurtful feeling that you still have. You are paranoid of seeing the same series of events unfold that leads to the same mistake.

You tell God that anyway He allows it to happened. What if He allows it again? Do you have any control? Can you tell what other people have in mind? Can you tell if they are telling the truth or not? Can you tell if they are hiding something? What if they are lying to keep your from being mad that leads to something that will make you even worst than mad?

What if your previous goal was shattered by what God has allowed to happened? What if you thought that your vision before is holy? You thought that you are doing those things for God yet God doesn't want to protect you from pain and suffering? Do we let those goal slip away from our grip? Or do we let God process us?

Is there really a holy discontent?

Perhaps, we can forget about goal. Forget any vision. Forget any discontent. No more looking at the future. At least, if those hurtful circumstances ever happened again, we will not blame God because He allows it again. Let's blame God today and tomorrow let us allow Him to be God of our life.

Let God be God.

Heavenly Father, please come back soon for us to sin no more.