Friday, June 22, 2007

it is hard

everyday i wanted to post something on my blog, but never had a chance. Not because i don't have access on a machine to write, not because i don't have a minute or so but because of the reason i can't express. But today i just got a chance to write something.

There are times in our life, when someone or somebody makes something wrong to us, we continously remember that wrong. We tried to nourish the bad things that happened. We tried to live on those past circumstances. We often neglect to see the change of heart from those individuals, the longing from them to be a part of you with a new love, with a new life. We overlook their acceptance of the hardship that was brought by the wrong decision that they made. The things that leads to tragedy and heartaches. Yes, it is easier said than done, but many times we try to look backward, remember that Jesus always ask us, "for those that do not have sin cast the first stone". We personally condemned first before we act in love. Because sometimes loving is not enough if we can't love those that wronged us.

But did God love us because we never sin in our lives? If we want to look back because we want to see how others wrong us, then look farther in the past to see how we wronged others, how we neglect their feelings, how we didn't think how they are going to feel. Look farther back, then you will recognized that we did more sins than those who wronged us yesterday. God died for our sins and always think that it is not only for our sins but for the sins of those who did something bad to us. Yes, it is very hard to forget the sins committed to you by others, then do remember the sins you committed to those others that you keep on blaming.

It is my fault to forget that i sin against those i thought sins against me. Jesus died not only for us but for everyone. Specially for our loved ones. But do we love them the way God teaches us to love. It is easy to say 'sorry' to those strangers you bumped on the skytrain, it is easy to say 'sorry' for those people that you don't even know. But have you say 'sorry' to those close to you? Have you told them that you are 'sorry' for the pain that you cause them?

Let's pray to God that He showers us with love for others especially those that are close to you.

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