Friday, August 3, 2007

holy discontent

I added a comment on naked pastor's post about a book on holy discontent, asking "how can we tell if our discontent is holy or not". He commented back that it is for me to search for it.

Discontent is another way of saying you want a goal, a vision. What if you don't have any? You don't see yourself looking at the future. Because deep within you, you are afraid of doing the same mistake that you've done in the past. You are afraid of the same circumstances happening in the future. You are afraid of having the same hurtful feeling that you still have. You are paranoid of seeing the same series of events unfold that leads to the same mistake.

You tell God that anyway He allows it to happened. What if He allows it again? Do you have any control? Can you tell what other people have in mind? Can you tell if they are telling the truth or not? Can you tell if they are hiding something? What if they are lying to keep your from being mad that leads to something that will make you even worst than mad?

What if your previous goal was shattered by what God has allowed to happened? What if you thought that your vision before is holy? You thought that you are doing those things for God yet God doesn't want to protect you from pain and suffering? Do we let those goal slip away from our grip? Or do we let God process us?

Is there really a holy discontent?

Perhaps, we can forget about goal. Forget any vision. Forget any discontent. No more looking at the future. At least, if those hurtful circumstances ever happened again, we will not blame God because He allows it again. Let's blame God today and tomorrow let us allow Him to be God of our life.

Let God be God.

Heavenly Father, please come back soon for us to sin no more.

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