Friday, May 11, 2007

can i blog??

inspiration comes from everywhere,

i was inspired to make this blog by so many things or should i say so many individuals, first making a progress report is hard for me well not too many to say, and there is this naked pastor that i started to read his blog from the very first page. I think its page 77.

Looking for a blog name, well thanks to a friend for giving a hand and a keyboard to search for it.

thats all for now, this is my first what do you expect? :)


Anonymous said...

Your friend wants her hand and her keyboard back :P

barren mind said...

still using it

Anonymous said...

Somebody that I won't bother naming is desperate enough to solicit for comments, so I decided to take pity. You ask if you can blog. Well if after a month, or better yet a year, you managed to keep this blog going, then I'd say yes you can. Otherwise, just give up now and don't waste space in cyberspace (pun intended). ^_^