Monday, May 28, 2007


respite defined as A usually short interval of rest or relief.

i just finished reading all naked pastor's blog from the very beginning, well almost all, and now i'm reading a new blog; Today at the mission
It talks about the reality of day-to-day life of homeless people, the christian volunteers and the blogger-pastor who is responsible for the site.

From one of his blog,
What if there were no little respites in our lives, with the added stresses of no money, no place to live, our only possessions carried in green garbage bag, poor health and the very real possibility that nothing was going to change?
Most of the time, we feel that our struggle and suffering are the worst in history of mankind, but we seldom fail to notice that we are more blessed than those people without even have a respite in their lives. We thought that we are hopeless, yet we drive with our new car going to our new home, and somebody is waiting for you to be hugged and kissed. Someone is waiting for your love and waiting to be loved, yet still we feel miserable.

What an outlook in life!

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nakedpastor said...

wow. that's an amazing accomplishment. congrats, and thanks for the honor.