Tuesday, May 15, 2007

trap & temptation

Its been a while since i put a sticky mouse pad trap to catch those tiny mouse at home. But to no success till last night, i place a deadly mouse trap and put a chocolate coated raisin as bait. Who can resist it??? Even the smartest mouse ever lived can't resist that temptation.

Sounds familiar??? Satan put a chocolate coated temptation in our lives to traps us into eternal damnation. First, just a smell, then some touches then before you know it you are already trapped.

The little innocent mouse was killed trapped on the deadly bait. It was not even able to taste the chocolate coating. It has no choice of escaping the subtle but deadly course of action that he has taken.

Most of us went to that similar situation. Trapped and can't escape. Afraid of something that we don't know. Afraid of the ghost that we have created. Are you willing to die about something that you can't hold on forever like that mouse???

Rethink about your situation today...

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