Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I should have posted this one yesterday but i thought it would be appropriate to post it today.

Today is about forgetting the past and not looking at the future, just today. Today is the time to give the best love that you can give to those dearest to you for tomorrow you might not have another chance. Today is the right time to move on not looking backwards but forward. Leaving the past behind us and feeling the warm bright sunshine in your face today. Just allow the balance of cold air and warm breath of the sun.

Sometimes, because of the pain of the past that hinders us to live for today, it is hard to keep moving. Rest assure that our almighty God is looking down from heaven and also feeling the pain that we are suffering today. But he can't remove it, because its all part of the long process of spiritual maturity. He can give us comfort knowing that He is with us throughout the whole painful process of life.

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