Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How to talk to God?

I've learned to talk to God the way i never thought i can. It is natural for us to approached Him as someone who is in authority. We pay respect not because we love Him but because we want something from Him. We look to Him as a father that if we behave and do something good, He will bless us financially. We look at God as a vendo machine, if we put something(money) in we can get anything we want. If we want bigger things, we have to put more money into the vendo slot. We join ministry works, we preach, we practice at the music, we teach at sunday school and we want to do more for the church, expecting that God will bless us because we are doing so many things in His so called church. But does God really works that way? Did we create God as someone that we can use to satisfy us of anything.

We utter so many words in our prayer to make sure that God will understand us? Come on...God is God. We don't even have to say a word, He already knows what is in our hearts. Can we just say thanks to Him? We pray so loud that even people outside the buildings can hear? Why? Is God deaf that He can't hear us?

Giving thanks to God is the highest form of worship.

Heavenly father, please forgive my blasphemy! And teach us thy ways.

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