Thursday, August 9, 2007

What God counts?

We live in a sinful world. Most often we see people when they do something wrong. We judge them according to the skin-deep perception of our minds. We notice every inch of their insufficiency. We argue about their shortcomings. But are they the only one that sins? How about us? Are we so righteous that we judge them? It is clearly written that "all have sin and fall short to the glory of God".

Who gave us the authority to condemn others of what they are doing or what they have done? It is the very sinful nature of ourself. The very self-centered "me" that ignores how others want to get back on track. We are the one counting other's fall and we try to avoid looking when they are trying to stand on their feet. And we are professing that we want to be Christ-like. If we want to be Christ-like in our daily walk with Him, let us count the number of times our brethren wants to stand up.

“We count not the number of times we fall,
but the number of times we stand up.
It is all that matters,
the not giving up.”

Heavenly father, allow me to love more.


Nate said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you enjoyed it.

From the studies that I have done, judging is to be done by Jesus during his reign on earth. If we see another who has clearly fallen. We show them the verses that explain why. Then help them in any way we can if they ask for it. Once we have shown them what their transgression is, then it is between them and God. We, have nothing to do with it then. That is probably why I get along so well with my gay and lesbain friends. I don't judge, it is not my place.

barren mind said...

Nate, you are very much welcome.