Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Is it the same as pastoring? or evangelism? Can we preach outside the church building? Is there any measure of training that we need in order to preach? Did Moses undergo church training in order to preach the good news to the Israelites? Did Peter stop catching fish in order to attend some presentation on how to preach the gospel?

Church system affected the way we think. It polluted the way we see how the apostles preach the good news. They impose too much rules and guidelines that they neglected that preaching is a calling from God. I believe that preaching comes from the heart. Nobody can decide for ourselves if we want to preach or not.

As nakedpastor told me some time ago, we need to abide by the system that we personally oppose. In order to preach within the church, we need to follow some rules.

But never let anything or anyone or any system leads you away from what God has called you to do. And i speak for myself.

"Heavenly father, let me see what you have called me to do."


heaven said...


Promised to drop by, and here I am... Will definitely find time to read your entries. It is really easier to talk to a stranger than confide to a friend. Mas ninamnam ko yung messages mo sa kin lalo na tungkol kay God. Thanks for popping up in my PC a while ago. You brighten my day! Really!

Continue preaching here in the net, little did you know, marami kang natutulungan na lost souls. Madaming nagblo-blog hop, yung mga tulad kong petiks sa work na may free internet access. Hahaha.

God bles you more and continue inspiring others. Tc!

barren mind said...

Thanks. You can blog hop here anytime.